I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now and finally got on provera when my cycles became so often. After taking provera for 5-6 months (last month only too for 5 days then stopped) but didn't get my period until I should have so I am assuming my body has it figured out on it's own by now. So this month is the first month I started Clomid to take days 3-7 and then days 10-18 have intercourse every other day (which I've done) and on day 11 (should have been 12) I had an ultrasound to check which side showed potential ovulation as well as measure folicle size. Well I on each ovary I was at 2.2 and they want or is best at 2.5cm or larger and that you need by ovulation so the doctor was sure I would be 2.5 cm or larger by then no problem but she was shocked I had that on both sides along with other folicles just little smaller. I am supposed to get me progesterone checked day 24 to make sure ovulation happend (My problem is way low progesterone, that's why we went with clomid). Well I am supposed to take the provera again the last 10 days of the month. I have heard bad things about being on provera while pregnant well really I would be pregnant some of those last days.


Question: If you are doing provera and clomid, you take the provera then clomid... should I take provera again this month as welll? Since I took the clomid I want to say no, but not sure??? I mean I guess they say take it incase you aren't pregnant but everything has been perfect so far, I just worry due to having 2 miscarriages and no live children I don't want to take the provera if I am indeed pregnant because I've heard it's bad for baby... Help please, anyone!