Hi. I am very scared right now about my future fertility. I am 19 years old and I have had a very rough year and a half. Around this time last year, I was raped and received my first STI, trich. I cleared it immediately after getting it. Then, shortly after I moved to college, I was raped again and got the same STI. I also treated that immediately. Well after that, I had a hard  with life in general and started to sleep around (my therapist said it was a defense mechanism) but i only slept around for about a month and then went celibate. In that month, however, I contracted chlamydia. I wasnt able to treat that one right away even though I could tell something was wrong (i had gone home for Christmas break and my insurance doesnt cover out of state). So I waited to go back to school and got treated very soon after (so in total i had it about almost two months, treared in February). My OBGYN checked my pelvis and said nothing seemed wrong because I had inquired about the possibility of PID. She didnt seem worried. I was OK until recently. I started having sex again, and have noticed bleeding almost every time. Even when I dont have sex and I'm just having "me time" i bleed after (i dont use toys or fingers. Just clitoral stimulation). Or even if i just get a little aroused, I'll notice a pain in my lower abdomen and then a little bit of blood as well. I am also on bc... the patch. My symptoms are side effects of the bc patch, but they are also symptoms of cervical cancer, PID, and other things im worried about. I wont be able to see a doctor until june when i go back to school but I'm terribly worried. Am I dying? (Side note: i use the patch without a break so I havent had a period since January).