I had a ray cage put around l4/l5 15 years ago. Everything went well for 10 years and when pain came back I returned to the surgeon who said he could do nothing. thankyou Dr. Stephonian. 5 years later, 15 total went back to another surgeon, stenosus around 2/3 and in the lower back. Just had surgery in april. Now I have severe hip/back pain. The main problem seems to be the hip pain and I'm masking it with Ibupropen and pain medicine. Just had another MRI but am seriously considering Chiropractic, Massage, acupuncture, something alternative to conventional method of surgery. Right now it's meds. every 12 hours or sooner. I'm thankful for my being able to get around on my own but the pain never goes away. I'm wondering if the neuropaphy in my feet and legs are contributing in any way to this hip pain now? Any answers would be appreciated, thanks