Hello everyone! well, I guess I am just dissapointed. I started out with a few buldging disks L4,L5,S1 after working a bit too hard spring cleaning in April 2011. It was then that I experianced siatica for the first time. I of course went and did what I needed to do to make it better. I did the spinal shots first and then PT three times a week. As the PT got more intence so did my pain and I kid you not my doc thought I was faking it! He patted me on the hip after looking at my lower back and said...."You're too young to have back problems." Ha! Ha! Ha! I had to find another doc quick! So I did and she ordered another mri for me and what do you know......I had what the doc said was a huge disk extusion L5 S1 pushing on my root nerve! I wanted to go show my other doc so bad and say "see! I told you so you jerk!" But I didnt. Now I am 6 weeks post-op from disectomy/lamectomy? (cant spell! sorry!) I felt great right after besides the pain from the procedure my left butt cheek and leg didnt hurt! But now I have sharp pains again on the left side buttocks but it isnt going down my leg. My lower back snap crackles and pops like crazy when I stand up and I just ache from the hips down. I should mention that I do have hyper flexibilty in both hip joints so maybe that is why...? I dont know. I am greatful for the surgary but I am scared that I will allways have pain and that noone will belive me. Should I let my surgeon and family doc now? Is this Scar tissue? Or is this what my surgeon ment when he said the operation might not take away the back pain but will help the leg pain?? Please Help me! please!