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Had L4/5 disc replacement 3 years ago. First 8 mths was great but down hill since. Loss of feeling in left leg, feet, rectum, groin, cervix, continuous swelling to left leg since surgery. BACK PAIN and groin and right hip pain getting worse than pre surgery. I researched this replacement well before having it done by a reputable surgeon however results have been devestating. Surgeon now says that a fusion is required in the near future..... :-( >:( :'( I am only 36!!!!!


I am new to these spinal problems, so I've been doing a lot of research on the internet. I recently had an MRI which showed multiple problems including multiple disc bulges including L4/L5.

I want to warn you about something I read about. It's called Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES). I think you should immediately call a doctor and talk to them about this. You said you had loss of feeling in your left leg, feet, rectum, groin, and cervix. From what I've read about CES, the loss of feeling in these areas could be a warning symptom of CES. CES is loss of control of your bowel and/or bladder. And from what I've read, if it's not caught soon and corrected immediately with surgery, the loss of bowel and/or bladder control can be permanent.

I have pain and numbness in my right leg, and since I read about CES, I am constantly evaluating whether it is extending to my groin area. Cause if it does, I'm calling my doctor immediately. My doctor also warned me if I had any bladder or bowel problems to call him immediately, that it constituted an emergency. He just didn't tell me it had a name. I found that out on the internet. Just google Cauda Equina Syndrome and you'll see lots of web pages to get more information. God Bless.