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i think i might be pregnant?


i had sex 5 days ago and have recently had brown discharge in my underwear. i have never had this before. i am very worried because i am only young, and i am still at school! i never get given money so i cant go and buy a pregnancy test, my period is not really on a schedule and just  comes around every 4 months. i would like to no if there is anything i can take to help myself not fall pregnant! i no about the pill, but is there anything else that can help me??


Hi, A brown discharge could be something as simple as old blood, which is common. On the other hand if the discharge is coupled with any adominal pain or has a pungent smell to it, it could most likely be an STD (sexually transmitted disease) such as Chlymidia, which will need to be sorted asap. You need to speak to the nurse at High-school, if you have one, or your family GP as soon as possible, so you can be tested for an STD and pregnancy and also to discuss contraception. Condoms are a MUST! It is not worth the risk of catching an awful STD or ruining your future with an unwanted and expensive baby. Go talk to a responsible adult at school if you can't speak to your parents.

Goodluck! x