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I had unprotected sex 4 days before my period. The next day i seen light bleeding and the next day after that My period came two days early to my actual period . but the blood was very very dark and there where clots . My period look very abnormal . It lasted for 2-3 days . Ever since that day I have not seen my period and it's been 1month 1week and 2days. I took 3 pregnancy test and they all came back negative . My stomach is really big compared to how it normally look. It looks like im pregnant and I've gained 20 pounds . Everyone suggest I go see my Docter and do a blood pregnancy test. could I still become pregnant? I would really be happy if I am :) feedback if anyone has gone through the same thing .


If you want t be pregnant, see your doctor and have the blood test. Simple as that. If you are pregnant, your doctor can get you started on a program of regular visits and place you on the appropriate prenatal vitamins. Good luck.