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Okay so to start off I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend right after my period ended, I was fine until he fingered me a week later. While he fingered me he slipped and it hurt, ever since then I've been bleeding enough where I need pantyliner to wear each day, and i have this brownish discharge which I'm guessing is old blood. I'm scared, could I be pregnant or have an std or be injured?? Please help I'm a 16 years old I know I was wrong for doing this at my age but I really need help I'm terrified. Please anybody out there with information or help??


Hi honey! There IS a chance of you being pregnant due to you having unprotected sex - it does matter when you have sex or for how long! Even though the odds are there, I think they are low, becaues it was right after your period ended! Most girls/wome ovulate about 14 days after the 1st day of their periods - going on a 28 day cyle! So I THINK that you are safe as far as pregnancy goes!

IF there is a chance your boyfriend HAS an STI this is a different story! BUT it is rare for teenagers to have major STI's! What I think happened is that he probably scratched your vagina, which can get infected quite easily! so I want you to do this! Get a squirt bottle and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide - it is VERY cheap at the pharmacys! then fill it with VERY warm water! And put in about 2 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide and then squrit this just inside the vagina! Make sure it doesn't squirt too far up - it's NOT douching, it's just rinsing! this should take care of this!

And from now on ALWAYS ALWAYS use protection, and have your boyfriend ejaculate into the condom outside! This way you will virtually eradicate the chance of being pregnant! Because if you continue having unprotected sex, you WILL eventually become pregnant OK? Good luck honey!