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i had sex with my bf on my ovulation date but he inserted slightly only for few seconds i am felling a slight cramping pain in my lower abdomen since after 5 days what are my chances of getting pregnant please help am really scared!!!!!!


Calm down and breathe.

Ovulation dates for one, aren't always accurate the thing that you should be focusing on is that you had unprotected sex.
I'm guessing you aren't on birthcontrol. So because your boy, practiced withdraw, you have a 76%-96% prevention rate. What you experienced was on the lower end of a risk factor, however you still had a risk, and it's too late for emergancy contraceptives.

I can't tell you that you are/aren't pregnant. What I can tell you is that cramping now is too early as a preg. symptom, and could be apart of your ovulation cycle. Usually symptoms of pregnancy will start right after your first missed period. On a technical term implantation takes place 7-9 days after ovulation, BUT only if an egg was fertilized.

You can take a pregancy test a week after your first missed period.

Just stay calm for now, talk to your boyfriend about this, and think about getting proper contraceptives once you start becoming sexually active.

You don't want to risk it,
I've had preg. scares before so I know it's not fun.
Learn about your sexuality before you become active it will make things more fun, and less stressful.