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I could use someones advice, I had unprotected sex and used the pull-out method. I was due to have my period on March 3rd. But have not gotten it yet. Last period I had was feb. 4th. It has been 44 days since my last period. I have taken 3 at home pregnancy test and they all came back negative, but I am bloated, and have really bad cramps but no blood. I am also sleeping more then usual and using the bathroom alot more and also my lower back is in a lot of pain, and my breast are tender. Should I go to a clinc and have them take my blood to get a real response and or could I be pregnant?


Hi Nichole,

When you tested, did you use your very first morning urine?  If you don't the test won't be as accurate as it can be. 

Sometimes too you can be just late.

Since you are more than two weeks late, see your doctor for a blood test.  Sometimes the home tests just don't read well.

Good luck.