I'm  a 20 year old female and currently I'm taking a degree. I'm from Portugal, 1.58 cm high (same high when i was 14), weight 52 kg, my waistline is like 66 cm wide and my breasts are awefuly small, like a child looking flat chest (32 A according to the EU bra measuring system)! I can't even get a decent cleavage and have no defined waistline! Bras weren't made for girls like me. My legs look bulky, my torso is short and manly looking and I find my head to be large in relation to my body structure. Also have a big nose whose tip reminds me of a butt. My hair is curly, dry and weak like an old lady's! It is not growing as I want to. Can't help feeling like a piece of c**p next to other girls and watching my self in the mirror! Just reminding of this I feel like killing myself. As much as my mother or my boyfriend tell me I'm beautiful I simply can't and don't believe it. I even considered taking my own life because I'm tired of this inferiority complex. I keep freaking out and it gets worse: I suffer from Aspergers, anxiety and depression are linked. When I got into school I was bullied. On 1st grade I had my whole class calling me ugly continuously. Even today I don't attract many looks. If I do it's because I look mad and men make fun of me. Just today when I catched my friends talking about their body shapes I was about to rage out, I really felt like breaking stuff and cry! How can someone think I'm attractive?? What did my boyfriend see in first place?? Like seriously, there is nothing interesting about my appearence and personslity, altough I find him not so attractive either. I'm the most and only flat-chested girl my age I know of! And I don't even consider myself slim! Am I that abnormal??? I can't afford any cosmetic intervention, checked with various doctors but apparently I'm healthy! I even wich I had something so I would have solid validation to take hormones and see some changes in this hideous body. I even have contacted three psycologists back in my school days but they just told me the same bullcrap my mom keeps telling me: to be positive and accept myself. The more people tell me that, the less I feel like I want to do it. I need help and there is no one to tell this about. I feel miserable.