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Is it possible to confuse lack of social interaction with aspergers syndrome? I was homeschooled for a majority of my childhood. I've only been in public school in the following grades: 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, and 9th. I will be going back this next September into my 12th grade. I have the following: obsessions. Absorption into activities. Fascination with robots. Sloppy and mildly illegible handwriting. Sensitivity to noise. Mild confusion with actions of other people. Lack of eye contact. Misunderstanding of other peoples emotions (I can think they're being critical of my actions or so). A usually pedantic, semi-monotone speech characteristic. And other things I can't mention off the top of my head right now. Please reply as the thought has been on my mind for a while.


Yes, the doubt you are in in now, trying to differentiate between Asperger's and as you say, your lack of social interaction, is the one you can easily slip into when you simply rely on online information and list of symptoms. The problem with them is that even if I looked at that list, I would find things that fit - I like robots, no one besides me can read my handwriting unless I really try, I tend to over-think things... So, it's not like I too don't have some characteristics that would place me in the Asperger's group. But, on the other hand, there is simple and obvious reasons why you feel like you are somewhat lacking in social interaction related capabilities - first you are a teen and at you age you simply are self-conscious about everything, that can only increase your doubts about how will you fit in this new situation (and going back to school is hard enough even if you haven't mixed homeschooling with regular). There are always two ways of looking at these things, that's wht professionals are the ones who can diagnose. For example, "absorption into activities" can be interpreted as a good thing if you see it as dedication to some project you started and you want to finish - that is complete opposite of of what was meant with this symptom, there absorption is more similar to being "hooked" and mesmerized with some pointless, repetitive action that one can see with autistic kids.


It seems plausible.

I mainly noticed this because I have two friends who actually have aspergers syndrome.
I noticed similar ways in my behaviors that seemed to point this out.
I also have had one time where my parents have considered having me tested for it. And many where I've been asked by one of my parents if I had autism or ADHD (and of course I would always think to myself the question, "how would I know!?" I'd never say it. I have a tendency to appear blank during arguments).
When I was in 3rd grade my teacher came to the unanticipated conclusion that I had ADD.
As well as the fact that I had intense interests into things like trains, certain video games or films, and so on.
Absorption into activities are actually referrent to my hobbies of music composition, 3D computer graphics modeling, and storywriting.
If I get called away from them I feel overly dissapointed, frustrated even.
I can not work well under pressure. If it's too great I'll start to lose sanity.

Hopefully this better lists some issues I have.

It is plausible that I may be only noticing this because I'm in my late adolescence.

The sad truth is that I may never get taken in for evaluation soon or even at all as ive got one parent who's going to nursing school and another who is actively working.