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i am a male 23 year old that has huge problem with facial skin. I had eczema since baby but mostly only on parts of my arms or knee pits. It usually went away completely but keeps coming.


i then began to develop red spots on face under the eyes and dandruff dry RED irritated skin under the beginning of my eyebrow. Of course I went to different doctors but they said it can be Mybe Seborrheic dermatits or a mixture of both Orr they don't know exactly.. I tried so many different cleansers and soaps and thick creams and stuff under my eyebrows that they're a mess now. Hair is falling out, the area is dry ... I don't know which cream I can put on or if I even should put any cream on (under ) eyebrows /eye area ....  I'm very anxious to get any soap or irritating stuff to the eyes bcaus it's further irritating. Is water alone enough to clean that area ? somedays  bcaus there were so much flakes and gross sh*t under it I even used shampoos like head and shoulders on my FACE. It burns and so on. I thought (read it anywhere through hourlong searcjing for cures on inet) it will help:((. 

i don't know how many oils I've tried to put on my face like olive oil or stuff. Nothing helps.

Pls give me some advice . Thank u so very much 



Hey, I have the same exact problem, but mines cleared up for the most part. I had eczema since i was a baby and yeah, late teens i had it on my face really bad. try not cleaning your face with any soaps at all. ONLY water, water is enough to wash it. but i found if i use any soaps it makes it really dry and flaky. and dont use any hot water, try taking like luke warm to cold showers. it's uncomfortable, but it helps with the dryness.
i did use some steroid creams to help clear up the eczema on my face, it's called Eleuphrat, it was prescribed from my doctor. it really helps clear up all the eczema, maybe see if your doctor recommends it.