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Hi all,

I'm a healthy young nineteen year old male who is seeking advice about a possible diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. I feel so isolated out of society and it's very hard for me to make friends and keep them. I have struggled so much with anxiety and depression over the past few years. I love Nature and animals and I am so keyed in on these subjects that I have a hard time sharing anything else with others than what my interests are. I love playing music and I have been told I listen to the same music video over and over again, which I myself even acknowledge. I struggle with social interaction and understanding what sarcasm is and I am usually the last one to get the point of a joke. I cannot keep friends as said before and I struggle to understand my emotions and their emotions, such as thinking they are mad when they really aren't. I also don't usually feel empathetic to my friend's emotions. I have "strange" rituals that I have to adhere to or I get very frustrated. I also get frustrated when I get disrupted in my daily schedule. I can sit down and write an entire essay in a few hours and not even think about getting up or getting distracted to use the bathroom or get a drink or even answer my door if someone knocks on it (I am a first year college student). I did not talk when I was younger until about 3 years old and it took me a long time to learn to tie my shoes, ride a bike, and other activities that children should know how to do. I have taken up driving recently and not only am I so anxious with the new situation, I tend to shut down and make others drive me. I believe this is because of my sensory overload issues, because there are just so many different signals, lane changes, signs, and other actions on the road that it's hard for me to concentrate.

I've always suspected I have Asperger's, especially after my Dad told me he believes it too. I have never been formally diagnosed with it before. Do I have Aspergers? Is it a good idea for me to seek out a diagnosis?


Hi 'Guest',

It certainly sounds as if you have a lot of characteristics in common with Aspergers, but no one is going to be able to diagnose you properly through a website message forum- you need to go and have a chat with your doctor, if you want a formal diagnosis.

However- seriously- what difference would it make to get the diagnosis? How would it change your life? If you were still at school, then a program of learning/ social skills would be developed between your parents, you & your teachers; however, as an adult who is independently learning (i.e; college & university), any learning or social skills development is mainly initiated by you. And if you want to join support groups or get information from Aspergers support groups, you don't need a formal diagnosis- you can self-diagnose.  

Aspergers is not like suddenly realising you have a third leg; you can't get medication to shrink it or have it cut it off. You simply have to live with it & develop strategies so that it doesn't impact on your life severly. The way to do that is to treat the other symptoms that appear- in your case, it would be the anxiety & OCD you've developed. Also there are ways in which you could work on your social skills. If you contacted a registered Aspergers charity, they would be able to point you in the right direction.