A few months ago, I went to the doctor because I was feeling dizzy, losing balance when getting up or moving quickly or sometimes for no reason at all. I also get head aches regularly (they aren't migraines though).

I had a blood test that showed my iron was on very bottom of the healthy range, my hemoglobin (i think it was) was pretty low, but other than that - everything was fine.

I also requested an MRI and a few weeks later... My MRI results showed that I have a cyst on my pineal gland. The doctor called me to explain, it was small (I don't recall the mm), but that I neeeded to have another MRI done in 6 months (to monitor it). I researched it (online) but stopped because I was scaring myself. I decided to wait to see what the MRI results would be in the next months to come.

Last week, I noticed a lump on my head (left side) between the top of my head and the top of my ear. It's as wide as two of my fingers. No colour. Not painful. It's not soft - feels just like the rest of my scalp. I called my doctor and I have an appointment tomorrow to request another MRI. The lump hasnt changed in size/feeling since last week.

I am a 23 yr old female.Generally healthy.Non smokerOccasional drinkerNever had serious trauma/injuryPast Surgery: (1) - for a deviated septumCurrently: still get dizzy, I feel lightheaded sometimes.. my head feels as if it's full of air or something (ha-ha). If I'm yelling, blowing up a balloon, get us quickly --> makes it worse. Sometimes I have a headache that stings. Most of my headaches are coming from the left.

What's wrong with me?!

Based on my research, i think i could have:

high intercranial pressure


orthostatic hypotension (doesnt explain the lump)


intradermal spindle cell lipoma

benign tumor (other than the 2 above)