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Hi all,For the last week or so i have been experiencing this weird stabbing pain in my head. It started with this really sharp pain that made me flinch. It started on the left side just above my ear on the top of my head, but its also on the right side too but not at the same time. The stabbing comes in waves and lasts a few seconds then i have a few little throbs and it goes but leaves the area feeling delicate and a bit twingy. I saw the doctor and she said it sounds like neuralgia, she said she wasnt worried about it, and to go back if it got worse. So i still have the odd sharp pain, not as bad as it was but i still feel it now and again. I dont have any other symptoms other than a runny nose and i sneeze loads, so im not sure if this is sinus related. The pain does travel to my forehead and eyebrow and my jaw is achy today and hurts to open too wide. Is it normal for it to last this long and will it eventually go? Im driving myself crazy thinking that i have a brain tumour, or an aneurysm. I suffer badly with anxiety and have recently had a bit of a bad time with it. I have noticed that today it doesnt seem as painful, i can still feel it, but it feels less intense. Can anyone relate to this please?Thank you in advance.


Most likely anxiety related. Try yoga or other relaxation techniques. As the doctor said, it it gets worse, return to the doctor.