I'm 15 years old and I've been experiencing head aches for nearly a year now, I haven't told anyone about it as they were ignorable at the start, they only used to happen at least 1-2 times a week but I knew they were regular, I've found as the days pass by they seem to be getting progressively worst, some days I can't ignore the pain, and I've found myself laying in bed clutching onto the sides at least a few days in the week. The pain I'm experiencing is a throbbing and stabbing pain in the sides of my head onto the top of my eyes and underneath the eye, this can also travel at the top of my head round the back of the head, I've recently been porley a lot it's now at the end of February and I've been on and off porley since at the start of December. I've had a regular cough and tonsillitis, I'm suffering with severe back pains which is ache and sharp pains. I'm also noticing that I'm being tired a lot more often, I'm finding myself falling asleep in school lessons without actually noticing, even if I get a good nights sleep still feel drowsy or weak, I just have no energy what so ever. I didn't want to waste the doctors time to say it's nothing, so need help and answers please? I'm getting worried as the pain is unbearable