I have endometriosis and was wondering if i coulde b pregnant. i was diagnosed after going to the hospital for severe pain in my upper stomach. they ran test and said i had endometriosis which the real reason i was having pain was cause of my gall bladder. so i had to have it removed. but they told me to follow up with my doctor for the endo. i rarely get a chance to even breath cause of work and my two kids. but i was having two period in 1month but in the ladt two months I've only had 1 a month. but I've had sex on the day before i ovulated and a few day before,in my fertile days. I'm now 7dpo. Had last period april 13 it lasted 5 days when usually its about 7days. my next period is due may 8th. I've had a brown mucas discharge win i wiped on 3dpo and the day after sex i wiped and had a light pink mucas on tp. idk if its due to the endometriosis or pregnancy. I've been having a lot if back pain at work mostly and lower adominal pressure/pain. Last few days been so hungry and thursty. today I've notice i peed a lil more than usaul but just thought it was me. Been tired and a lil sick on stomach. could any 1 tell my wat it could be?