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Ok, heres the story.
I havent had my period for 4/5 months. I cant remember that far back what kind of sex ive had, as me and my boyfriend have only been going out for 4 weeks.
I'm 19 and I used to have regular periods alot.
I have ALOT of cramping, adominal pain, discharge from breasts [clear discharge], bloating and hard stomache, naseua and vomiting at certain times, cravings, headaches and mood swings.
Ive done 4 urine tests, 3 said I wasnt and 1 was very faint yes, although went to the doctors to do another and it was also negitive.
Im awaiting a blood test results, although usually that only takes 1 day to get back. Its been a week and they keep saying its not ready.
Is it possile if I am 4/5/6 months preg, a bloodtest can be wrong?
Im just wondering cause if it comes back negitive ill be going crazy with why im like this.


Hi honey! Don't go crazy! :-) IF your blood test comes back negative, I TOTALLY know that you are suffering from one of these 2 conditions, either Ovarian Cysts or Endometriosis! I am leaning more towards the Cystss, as these can give you the EXACT same symptoms as pregnancy!!! And cause cestation of your menstruation, bloading, pain, etc.

Also taking this long for a blood test for pregnancy is RIDICULOUS!!!! So please phone and say so! I think you should go to a planned parenthood clinic and ask them to give you one OR ask your doctor for another one! This isn't right! IF you are not pregnant, I want you to ask for a pelvic ultrasound - demand it actually! Please let me know how you make out OK? And don't worry we will work on getting you some answers! Good luck and health honey!