my husband and i have been trying to conceive for about 8 months now. i have stage 3 endometriosis as well as pcos. i do have a beautiful lil girl who just turned 4, so we're definitely counting our amazing blessing already. im not sure if we're about to add to that list or not, but i believe i had implantation bleeding from sat evening until monday afternoon. it was very light and just off and on. im not due for my period until next monday. i started having horrible heartburn/indigestion, feeling nauseated, and just have that feeling like 'i just know'. anyway, altho i am pretty confident that it was implantation bleeding (btw, it was a dark brown on toilet paper each time it happened over those 48 hours) i dont want to psych myself out. do you think a first response pregnancy test would work tomorrow? i know they aren't 100% accurate and it's best to wait until you miss your period, but of course, im very anxious. thank you and baby dust to all ♥