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My boyfriend and I did foreplay on the 26th of April, since then I have had lower back pain and weird feelings and cramping in my abdomen and stomach. I have taken 6 pregnancy tests along with a qualitative blood pregnancy test 11 weeks after the incident, all the tests have been negative. I have had 3 "periods" since the incident as well but they have been lighter then usual. Could I be pregnant or am I just paranoid? Thanks!


hi :) if you took 6 tests and were all negative i dont know what you are worrying about. and those "periods" how long were they? if they were atleast like periods i doubt you are pregnant. being paranoid/stressed can actually delay, shorten, or even extend your period meaning it can make it longer. if you miss your period this month take a test. good luck and let me know how things turn out. im dealing with a pregnancy scare right now too its driving me nuts! :-( 8-|