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i am 24 i have 2 children and 2 years ago i had a tubal ligatio (tied not cut)
for the last month and a half i have been having dizzy spells, nausia and have had a sharp sometimes
dull pain in my lower abdomen that comes and goes. i have had a monthlie that ended a week ago
it was unusual as it lasted double my usual time but was half strength. (sorry graphic)
i am wondering if i could be pregnant with tubal baby, or if there is something wrong with my tube?

can any one help?

p.s i have also put on 10kg in the last few weeks (i think thats about 20 pounds rough conversion)


Hi, can you tell me what the outcome was  last year after the symptoms you mentioned having? I am currently experiencing most of the same symptoms... pain in lower left side of abdomen that comes and goes (sometimes dull, sometimes sharper), some dizziness, nausea, and inconsistent periods. (I skipped the entire month of December, had a painful period two weeks ago, which after four days stopped for two days then returned for another day and a half. The pain on the lower left side was noticeable before I started, and has been worse since my period.) 

I am quite paranoid, especially since a friend recently found that one of her clips slid OFF her tube, after finding out she was pregnant, and subsequently had a miscarriage. I have taken two pregnancy tests (one in December when my period never started, and another this week since my pain seems a bit more intense at times), but both were negative. Of course when I had my child the test didn't show positive until I was approximately three months along, and I realize that an ectopic pregnancy doesn't always produce a positive pregnancy test.

My tubal ligation was three years ago and I haven't been the same since. Please tell me if you found that you were pregnant (ectopic or not?). I truly appreciate any information you wish to share with me regarding your experience with these symptoms.