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So I am an 18 year with PE. I have a girlfriend and we are sexually active obviously. But everytime we have sex I can only last for a minute or two. I can tell she is getting frustrated because she would like to get off too but I can not provide. AND I can never get another erection after I get off the first time. On the rare occasion I have been able to but it's extremely rare. I've tried something before like trying to work my PC muscles but I don't even know if I'm doing it right. I've thought about numbing creams, and no I'm not going to put on a condom so don't suggest that haha. What should I do for my PE and what should I do so I can have sex for multiple times in a row? Thank you!


My advice to clients is always to try edging – masturbating to the point of almost ejaculating; stopping before ejaculating and letting the feeling subside; then repeating the process over and over for as long as possible.  Doing this over time helps build stamina and control.  Another suggestion: try a different position.  Some men ejaculate more quickly in some sexual position than in others.  Also, please use a good penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to maintain penis health.  Look for one with vitamin B5 for health maintenance of penile cells.  Good luck!