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Most people have heard of kegel exercises and attribute them to only women. Many men experience great benefits from doing kegels. Doing kegel exercises may help men to maintain better control, prevent premature ejaculation and last longer in the bedroom.
Dr. Arnold Kegel developed the kegel exercise in the 1940’s. Most people have heard of kegel exercises and attribute them to only women. It’s true that Dr. Kegel originally developed the exercise to help women tighten the muscles surrounding the vagina after childbirth. Years later, it was discovered that men could benefit from kegel exercises as well, and the exercises actually have a variety of health benefits for men.

What Is The PC Muscle?

The PC muscle is located under the bladder. It reaches from the pubic bone toward the tailbone, between the scrotum and anus. The PC muscle forms a scaffold and cradles the organs within the pelvis and supports the sphincter muscle function. The easiest way to locate your PC muscle is to stop the flow of urine as you’re urinating. The muscle that you feel tighten to restrict the urine flow is the PC muscle. If that doesn’t help you figure it out, you can insert a lubricated finger into the anus, if you can form a grip around the finger you are using the PC muscle.

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How to Perform Kegel Exercises

Once you have located the PC muscle, practice it tightening when you are not urinating. Once you have gotten used to the feeling, try holding the contraction for as long as possible. Don’t’ worry if you can’t hold it for more than a few seconds, that just means that your PC muscle could be stronger. Doing regular kegel exercises will help tone the PC muscle. In order to properly do a kegel exercise you will need to practice squeezing the muscle, holding and releasing.

Repeat the process several times in repetition. Try to build up the amount of time in the hold position, gradually over time you will be able to hold for longer periods of time. Typically a hold of ten seconds, repeated 10 times is a good place to strive to. Try to do a set of ten kegels at least three times a day. Usually a lift in the testicles will determine that you are doing the kegels properly. Once the exercises seem easy to you, increase the amount of repetitions that you do.

When Can I Do Kegel Exercises?

The beauty of the kegel exercise is that you can do it anywhere and you can do it anytime and it’s so discrete that no one will ever have a clue that you’re doing it. The kegel doesn’t require the use of any equipment or the use of your arms, hands or legs so it is simple to do anywhere. You can do kegels at your desk, in your car, while you’re walking and pretty much everywhere else.

How Can I Tell If Kegel Exercises Are Working?

If you are doing the exercises correctly and about three times a day, you should notice a difference in approximately three to six weeks. After which you should see better bladder control, more intense erections, better control of ejaculations and the ability to last longer during intercourse.  A more telling way to know if the kegels are working is that you’ll feel it and so will your partner.

If you have not noticed a significant difference in about a month’s time, you probably have not been successful in locating the PC muscle. If that happens, try to do kegels while lying down at first, clenching the muscle so that it mimics the squeeze of trying to hold in gas. If you still can’t find the muscle, ask your doctor for assistance.

Kegel Exercise Don’ts

It’s easy to get over enthused when doing kegels, especially if doing them means an enhanced sexual experience. However, it is important not to overdo it. Because you’re working muscles, you will need to rest them in order for them to flourish.  Do not do more than three 20-minute sessions per day at maximum. Additionally, it is important not to use any other muscles during your kegel exercises. It may be difficult to pinpoint the PC muscle and therefore many men begin to utilize the abdominals and thigh muscles to compensate. This is not a proper kegel and you need to relax and begin again to isolate the correct muscle. Be patient, you will get it eventually.

Kegel exercises are not just for women anymore. Many men have experienced great benefits from doing kegels. Whether it’s to help bladder control or a prostate problem, or to improve your sex life, there is no excuse not to do them. Kegels are easy and discrete and can be done just about anywhere at anytime.