Hi! I'm a teenager and I had sex with my partner. Sorry, this might be a stupid question, but  I'm nervous that I made gotten my partner pregnant because I inserted the condom backwards, but I immediately turn it the other way and I think that it didnt had any Pre cum. I'm kinda not to worry about that because I read in he articles that the only way sperm is in pre cum, is if I ejaculated days before and I didn't. Also , I ejaculated in the condom while we was doing it, and I remember that I found ejaculation on the sides. I'm scared because I forgot to pinch the top of the condom and I'm afraid that it may had broke ( I didn't check because we left in a hurry ),  it's been a week already and my partner start to become very grumpy and getting headaches. ( yes it's our first time ) ( we are 18 yrs old )