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Hey so i just got perscribed addereall to help me focus and stuff cause of my adhd but i got persrcibed 15 mg of adderall and i weigh 100 pounds already. Im wondering if its going to make me lose weight? im just scared because i dont wanna lose to much... ya know? and no im not taking adderall for weight loss. so please somebody be mature and actually answer my question lol



until your body adjusts to the medication, Adderall definitely might cause you to not feel hungry. That's why people use it to lose weight, but in your case you'll definitely have to work on getting enough calories even if the medication is suppressing your appetite.

It's just important that you're aware of the problem, and then you can work on getting enough calories to maintain your current weight, at least. Try using protein shakes and make sure you eat at least something even if you don't feel like you're hungry,

Wish you all the best,