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About two weeks ago I lost my virginity to my boyfriend. I was worried at first but now I guess I'm fine. we have had a couple of times but the past times I have been getting a burning feeling around my and my after . This to me just doesn't seem normal! And now whenever we have i just feel weird..I don't know what this feeling is but its an akward feeling. I'm just extremely confused. Not to mention at the moment I'm not enjoying it. Isn't that one thing that is about? Actually enjoying it?


well, your not really distinct in your problem.. but, the burning uncomfortable feeling could be lack of lubrication. try using k-y jelly. and whenever your done having sex.. wash yourself off with a wet wash rag.. be sure to pat dry. if it's not a lubrication problem, it could be a million things.. you need to be more detailed about your problem, then we can help. so write back!!!


Maybe the "awkward feeling" is that you might be feeling guilty about having had sex? No judgement from me here, just trying to figure out what you are seeking to learn from posting.

Does your boyfriend cuddle with you after sex or just have sex and move on to something else? You might be feeling at a loss if you aren't feeling closeness after having sex. Women 'seem' to need this far more than men.

In my opinion too many people rush into sex due to all the social pressures and then wonder what all the 'hype' was about, as sex is pushed at younger and younger people these days and romanticized about

as all hearts and flowers and being totally gratifying all the time..and it is not.

Sex is far more than the act is the commitment to one another in the relationship be it marriage or a committed relationship where each partner has the other's best interest at heart. One partner can be ready for sex and the other not, but has sex to please the other (which is ok as long as it isn't 'giving in' too much of the time)

Maybe since you gave up your virginity to your boyfriend you are expecting something from him that perhaps you aren't getting? Like a serious commitment to you, or more attention than you are now getting?

I'm just trying to work with you on these "awkward feelings" you say you are having.

Don't be shy, open up to your boyfriend and let him know how you are feeling or ask to be held if that makes you feel better. The two of you have to verbalize what you need and want out of an intimate relationship to make it really work for each of you equally.

The 'burning feeling' could simply be the stretching of tissues* that are 'new' to intercourse. (The vaginal sphincter* )....but yes, washing before and after sex is a must for the health of both of you.

And condoms...please!