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i lost my virginity just a week ago. i was supposed to get my period two days ago but it has yet to arrive.we used a condom and, to my knowledge, there were no malfunctions. so, am i just overreacting or could i be pregnent? when is it less likely to get pregnant : before or after you get your period?


Congrats on loosing your virginity.
This was a big decision for a lot of girls.

It's possible that the stress of this has disrupted your cycle... or perhaps your cycle is not regular yet.

If you two used a condom correctly, and there were no malefunctions, I would doubt highly that you were pregnant.
Did you have contact with his uncovered penis? Did he touch you either with his penis or his fingers before or after ejaculating?
Assuming that all went well, and no slip ups, you're probably not pregnant.

I would assume that a woman is least likely to get pregnant right after her period finishes, but I will defer that question to a better educated woman than male me!

PS: If you use protection, this question is kind of meaningless, isn't it?