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ok so, I lost my virginity christmas eve to my boyfriend. when we did it the first time, he didn't have a condom on but only stayed in me for about 20 seconds or so and then put a condom on and pulled out before he ejaculated. I was suppose to start my period the 27th of december but I haven't started yet. sometimes I have irregular periods and don't always start 28 days later. I haven't had any symptoms of being pregnant but I have been peeing alot. am I pregnant?


I am afraid theres a good chance you could be pregnant, now thats not saying you are, periods can be late. But reguardless on whether your boyfriend stayed in you 20 seconds or 5 seconds if he ejaculated or as us males know (pre-cum) you could be pregnant.

best to take the test than to assume anything, go to your doctor together (maybe) or a clinic or try the home pregnancy test.