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How do you feel about the clothing styles today/

I am troubled by today's fashions. Let me say first that I don't believe in looking matronly or buttoned up to the neck with skirts to the floor. However, I don't see a whole lot of difference between some of the Junior Department fashions and the clothing that I would expect to see on ladies of the night. I see young girls with more and more bare skin exposed, it scares me. It also seems that crimes against young girls is rising proportionately. How far do you think this clothing revolution will go? Is there any opposition (a voice) out there addressing this? Why are the moms and dads buying the stuff? Tell me what you think?


I gotta say on any given day in warmer weather, i can drive down the street and see all these young girls with their business hanging out all over the place. Shorts so short that both cheeks are out, cut so low that you can almose see their hairline and tops that look like 4 sizes to small with their girls popping out in all directions. Then they are the first to complain and cry to daddy when the guys are gawking and making sexual remarks. Now, i have a problem with it but years ago, i wasn't happy unless my stuff was hanging out for all to see. I used to leave home dressed properly but as soon as i hooked up with my friends, i couldn't get half naked fast enough. I know how you feel, cuz i feel the same way and i have 3 daughters, now grown.(thank God) As far as how far will this go,'s a scarey thought. I have 2 step grandaughters, 3 and 5, who want to wear the shorty shorts and the little belly tops now, it's cute today but not so much in a few years from now.