hi again
so birth control !!! i just started birth contol tri cyclen low
my doctor made me start taking it because i just had a baby and he didnt make it

so she started me on it when she thought i was going to have a my first period since his birth but i only spotted for 2 days mind you i had sex the night before and i thinking thats what caused the bleeding
im on my light blue pills now half through them and i started spotting again for 2 days and it started after i had sex again
i havent been feel well lately before i started to take the birth control pills
light headed headaches sore stomach quizzy and today my one nipple was really sore. and i was moody last night for no reason

my fiance and i had sex without protection alot since after my first birth
which was on april 2nd but we waited for 5 weeks after
i dont think i could be pregant but whose knows im going to see my doctor tomorrow

i m not sure how long it takes to do a pregnancy test after you already had a baby if it will still come out positive because of old hormomes from being pregant before

i just worry because my first baby died a neo natal death and i am suppose to get blodd work done before i get pregant again because they think i may be a karrier of his chromosome defect or my partner so we both need the blood work done only problem is we live in a small town and they wont take my blood here i have to go 4 hours drive to nearest big city to do it

i guess im stupid for not being careful this time

any help would be nice