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Good day everyone,

I am trying to follow some diet plan. It is really hard, especially when I want to start, but I need to do that if I want to be healthy and if I want to lose my unwanted pounds, I do have a lot of it. I was consulting a little bit about this issue with my friends, and she told me that I need to consult some nutritionist, especially because this is the first time that I want to follow some diet program. She also told me that I need to learn some main, healthy, nutrition facts.

Do you know any of them?


Hello there,

Well, I want to say that there are a lot of facts, but of course, visiting the nutritionist is always a good idea. But, we are here to help you at first :)

First, adding sugar in anything is always a disaster, you should avoid it and use some natural sweaters. Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely important for proper functioning for everyone, but people usually forget how important they are. You should also remember that there is no diet that can help everyone, you should find one that fits for you.

That is all I know, but I hope that this is helpful! 



Hey there

That is really good explanation, but of course, there is always more. I don’t know all of them, of course, but I know some of them that can help you, I am pretty sure.

Eating vegetables will improve your health, because vegetable is good and you should eat it every day. You should never avoid vitamin D, because your body needs it. Find out which carbs are bad for you, what you should eat and what you should avoid. Also, you should know that supplements can never change your meal completely.

Do you know some other tips?

Let us know!