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ive never written on a site like this before, but im very confused and ive been reading so many different stories i thought id give it a try.
my husband and i have been trying to conceive for the past 4 months.
my last period was march 8th, it is now april 18th and this past friday - april 13th - i took 3 hpt and they were all positive.
on april 11th i had super light brown spotting that only last half an hour.
on monday april 16th i went in and had bloodwork done to confirm the pregnancy but it came back negative.
ive had pregnancy symptoms: extreme tender breasts/nipples, enlarged breasts, cramping but not as low as my menstrual cramping usually is, it was higher as if around the uterus, lower back pain, cravings, etc.
yesterday at work i went to use the bathroom and noticed bleeding, so i went home, worried that maybe it was a miscarriage. my periods are usually slightly heavy, and thats what this bleeding is like. i took another hpt this morning and it came out negative, but i have a docotor appointment in a hour.
im so confused by all of this, and ive read so many of the stories ive found on this site to try and make sense of whats going on with my body. i guess i'll know more after my gyno appointment, but i was just wondering if any of you have had a similar experience and what the outcome was for you? im hoping your responses will ease my mind, its always nice to know that someone else has gone through something similar.
thanks for taking the time to read this! -tia


Yes, I had 3 positive home pregnancy (using ept digital), I started bleeding heavy, went to the ER and blood test came back negative. I took one of those digital test 2 hours before going to the ER. I had light spotting before my period was due, and then after I got a postive test, heavier bleeing came for one night... And now its gone again. I was told by the doctor I am to early in the pregnancy to know, but it was probably a MC. I have to test again in two weeks, and if I am testing positive still then I have to go back. The problem is, some women bleed, and some don't, some womens hormones rise quick and some don't.. Its so frusterating.


i am going through this right now, were you pregnant? i see the doctor tomorrow


I thought I was a flake.

I am going thru this too.

I only told a few people, convinced I was because one test came out faint, took two digitals which both came out positive. took pictures of it and even pee'd on the stick in front of my husband I was so excited.

then went for not only the blood test, but also to have th work-up done. then to have a call today that I was negative. I was devastated.

I thought of only finding other people who could relate and help reestablish my credibility as a woman.

I have had extreme nausea, breast swelling with no pain, fatigue, belly swelling.

My beta came back at 2. I didn't quite understand this, but I am hoping that there was a lab error or something or that implantation is still going to occur. My last menstrual was 3/23/08 and the one before that was 2/14/08. It is now 5/1/08 and now period. I wonder if there was a missed abortion.

thanks for listening.



more than likely this is EXACTLY what this was- 25% of all pregnancies fail in the first few days - but most woman just think they are a little late and think nothing of it when thier period comes.

I have had this happen to me too....the good news is you obviously can get pregnant....and will agian soon if you so wish - but it just wasnt the right time and there was something no "quite right" with the pregnancy and your body naturally got rid of it.