I had unprotected sex with my bf at night, 4days after my period (9th day of my cycle) last month. He ejaculated outside my vagina close to d opening which I cleaned immediately wit my cloth and the following morning I went to the chemist to get postinor 2 which I used correctly, I had my period at d right time and it was normal and now this month ve ovulated and waiting 4 my period to come in few days, and two days after my ovulation I started having a tender nipple n breast till today but no other pregnancy symptom. I took two home pregnancy test and dey were both negative. Could I be pregnant? Pls am worried because of wat I hrd frm pple, sum sed postinor 2 normally fail sum pple n dat sum pple do menstruate wen pregnant and also dat home pregnancy test are sumtims inaccurate