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I am 21 yrs old My bf n i was jst playing around he jst touched his penis even tried inserting bt as it was ny first tym cuz of pain i dint allowed bt his sperms wer out after dat i even git my periods bt i hv heard n even read it sumwer dat thr r possiblities of getting periods even if pregnant n frm past few days m feelibg vry sick whole day feel lyk vomiting fainting n stuff so dat is scaring me a bit planning to do a test wit preganews do i need to do n r thr ne chances of me being pregnant plz help me out


Bleeding can occur during pregnant but it would not be "period" bleeding. It would be much lighter than a period and morel likely spotting.


Your post is a little confusing but if there was actual sperm on his penis and not just precum, there is still a chance of pregnancy but being that you say you have your period, it's probably not very likely. 


You can be vomiting and fainting for other reasons besides pregnancy.


If you are that concerned though, you can take a test though just to be sure or go see a doctor.


To me though it doesn't sound like pregnancy and sounds like you may have some type of flu or virus maybe.