August 2011- Csection and tubal ligation.September 2011- I was in severe pain of what I though was a hemorrhoid. I had never had a hemorrhoid, so I thought it was from the pregnancy.October 2011- The "hemorrhoid" got much larger and much more painful.November 2011- I could not deal with the pain or sit at this point. I went to the ER and found out that the hemorrhoid was an abscess. They tried to drain it.November/December 2011- About another 5 trips to the ER with unbearable pain and oozing. January 2012- Dr.  discovered an annual fistula as consequence of the abscess and preformed surgery. The surgery was successful.January 2012- I missed my period and blamed my nauseousness on the pain medication that was prescribed to me at surgery. Gyno told me to d a pregnancy test and it was Positive.February 2012 - I was having serve constant cramping. Went to the doctor every other day for blood work to make sure my pregnancy was not etopic. Went one day to the ER with severe pain in my left should, the DR. in the ER ruled it was a pinched nerve and gave me percocets and muscle relaxers. The following day gyno noticed the sac was not normal and scheduled me the following day for a D&C. After D$C Dr. called me to tell me it was not pregnancy tissue and that I was therefore eptopic. I was rescheduled two days after the D$C for laproscopic surgery.  When I was getting ready for surgery, my tube rupture and I hemorrhaged internally. They where able to stop the hemorrhage (very grateful to Dr.). I remained anemic for about 2 months from the blood lost. Hemoglobin at 7.5.February-March 2012- my stomach and cramps started acting up. A couple of trips to the ER. A lot of pain on the left abdominal.March-April 2012- Gastro Dr. gave me Bentyl and diagnosed me with IBS. Bentyl did not help, so he did a colonoscopy. Colonoscpy can back as good as it could. May 2012- pain is continuous, so I decide that maybe I was losing my marbles and I went to see a psychiatrist who places me on Prozac and xanax. Took Procaz and xanax until September/October.   May thru September 2012- A couple of more visits to the ER and the medications prozac and xanax did not help with the pain, just made me super easy going and unlike me. October 2012- Pain is worst and I throw up because of it. I cry, I don't sleep, I don't eat, I can't sit.  I go to the ER and a CT scan shows swelling in my colon and a cyst. I weened of Prozac and xanax at this point.November 2012- Still going to the ER all the time with uncontrollable pain. Now suffering panic attacks from the pain in panic that the pain is going to escalate.  About two more visits to the ER this month.December 2012- I went to go see gastro Dr. pleading for help to find out what was wrong and to really help me and to stop giving me percoet to cover the pain and fix whatever was causing it. Gastro Dr. then performs a physical exam and feels a big budge which he believe is a hernia on my left abdomen, and immediately scheduled me for hernia and exploratory surgery.Tired of surgeries, I seek a second opinion from another Dr., who also confirms finding, therefore I proceed with surgery on December 28, 2012 before another year of deductibles hit me. After surgery I woke up to hear that I did not have a hernia and that they can't even see any scar tissue or adhesions. My insides look like I had never had a survey. What they did find, which is what you can feel, are various cyst. Two in particular are three CM each on my left ovary, where my pain is most severe., an enlarged uterus, 2.5 cm cyst on my right ivory amongst other small cyst.  At this point I start crying like a baby. A surgery I thought would take all this pain and suffering away was not successful.Janaury 2012- I decide to see various Gynos and I am considering a hysterectomy or anything to make the pain subside.  My original Gyno is in awe about me and explains that ovaries are equivalent to a males testicles and that some women with ovarian cyst  have the same symptoms I have, the concern is why I have bilateral cyst so many so large in so little time.The first gyno did a physical exam inside and found the cyst to be quite hard and assures me they will not go away on their own and that surgery is indefinite.Another Dr. believes that I have endometrosis (even though non was seen in surgery) and order a drug called lupron and referred me to pain management since doctors can not write continuing prescriptions for pain med. This Dr. did only see one cyst on the ultrasound and did not do a pelvic exam. He called my pain management Dr. and told him that there was nothing wrong with me and should not prescribe me pain meds.At this point, after $30,000 plus of medical pills, between meds, and deductibles, I have to wait to recoup before another surgery.The first gyno will do surgery and plans on a partial hysterectomy if the cyst have not invaded my ovaries. The pain management doctor will not prescribe me any more medication for now. When i urinate and release pressure, the pain is unbearable. When i ovulate and have my menstrual, i can't make it from where ever i get into fetal position. The pain meds i still have aren't even working and only giving me a euphoric  feeling.I feel pulling, tugging, throbbing, bruising, pelvic pressure and lower back pain.Has any one had any thing crazy like this happen… i am concerned how so many doctors have dismissed me. I also feel like doctor are do not like to manage pain and i feel hopeless.