I have recently had some new symptoms and went to clinic .dr there sent me to hospital for CT scan, blood work and in following days an MRI. from these tests and persistance of symptoms  this dr says it appears i have ms and is sending me to a neurologist.  here where i live there is little or nothing known about RSD / CRPS  /i was sent by a good  workers comp dr. 100's of miles away following a work related injury over 2 1/2 yrs ago for what he suspected and eventually dx and treated for CRPS. Over time , i have undergone 4 stelliate ganglion nerve blocks and each one provided remission. Longer each time. last one was lasting  me close to a year then recently i been having new pain and symptoms. I am wondering about full body rsd and is it similiar to ms symptoms? could i possibiliy get misdiagnosed with MS by a dr who knows nothing about RSD/CRPS ?   please help me i need information so i can be sure i am being dx correctly.  I know both RSD and MS are related to the nervous system and are disorders of the nervous system.  I will be waing eagerly for your reply, and can't ever thank you enough for your help.   Sincerely, Sandra