Hey ! This may be a little tmi, but my bf and i had sex yesterday. Were having unprotected, but arent trying for a baby. He doesnt cum or precum in me( knowing this because be pulls out and .. u know.. on my stomach with precum and regular) But afterwards getting out of my position, my leg hurt really bad. So i just stretched it out. Close to like an hour later, i was feeling pain in the right side of my uterus. I brushed it off thinking i might of pulled something because if the pain in my leg earlier ( right leg) . But now everytime i move, lift leg, or walking uphill, i have slight discomfort or mild pain in my uterus (ovarie area i think) but its definatly noticeable. Also, it doesnt hurt when i touch or press on the area. If u have any suggestions or might know what this is, please reply or send me a message at ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** posting of private e-mails is not allowed*** *** all questions should be discussed on our website *** Please read our Terms of Use. *ps : i dont want to go to the doctor and it be nothing . Just need some feed back before i have a huge bill from the docter. Thanks, Kay