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im 17 but i have already had a child .. i dont know if it has anything to do with it or not .. but i figured i would mention that . but yeah i mean its not necsasarily next to my belly button . like i dont know how to explain it.. ok everyone reading this put two fingers on top of your belly button... now.... pull your fingers to the left until your finger tips are touching the edge of your belly button.. and then pull your fingers strait down until your fingers are directly under wear your fingers were .. and thats were the pain is ... it feels like a running cramp kinda .. and then again it doesnt it also feels like a pain thats more sharp then other times and it comes and goes .. any idea what it is ?


i also get sharp 10 second pains like riiigghht... i would say were my heart is kinda but im not sure . honestly i have 36d sized breast and its not like were my breast end while im just sitting there but like when im sitting there normaly if i reach basically under my breast and touch thats were it is .. and its not sensitive to touch or anything .. im just demonstrating were the pain is .. but the sharp lighting bolt , 10second pain is on the inside .. its so sharp .. i have to like stop dead in my foot steps sometimes .. it takes my breath away ... so does anyone know what that might be?


There are alot of things this could be associated with.
Let me ask you some questions. These are for the stomach pain first.
1 How old is your baby?
2 Do you have any problems urinating?
3 Does it hurt more when you are active?
4 Does it hurt more when you put pressure on the area?
5 How long have you been getting this pain?
6 Is there blood in your urine?

Now the chest pain.
1 Does it happen more when you are active?
2 Does it hurt more when you take a deep breath?
3 Do you smoke?
4 Is it difficult to breathe, do you feel like there is a weight on your chest?
5 How long have you been getting this pain?
6 Do you get winded or tire more easily?


I've been getting sick, and diarrhea. And have a sharp pain on the inside of my stomach left side. Hurts to even cough. What could it be?