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my last period was 12/18/13 had unprotected sex 1/1/14, 1/4,1/6. On the 9th I had awakened feeling a little nausea but it went away. For breakfast i ate a bowl grits and a glass of orange juice and snack i had chili lime pork rinds (something i eat normally).For lunch i ate a burrito and sat around for a while. Started to get tired and layed down for about 2hrs, i woke up feeling slugish and sick. I had to vomit and while vomiting there were no signs of the food i ate just liquid orange and yellow vomit and a bitter after taste.

Could i be pregnant?




There are other signs of pregnancy that may give you a hint that you are going to have a baby.  One is breast tenderness.  Are you having that at all?  Fatigue and morning sickness is other signs as well, which sounds like what you have.  You'll have to wait and see around the 18th of this month and see if you have a period.  If you don't have it, don't panic.  You may be stressing over it and making it become delayed.  You can go get a pregnancy test after the 18th and see whether you are or not.  It also sounds like you had quite a bit of greasy and spicy foods so we can cross our fingers that it is a disagreeable stomach.