hi, I'm very unsure as what to write. Sorry for crude information. On the 6th of April I had an abortion, due to financial reasons, also living situation.  I Was nearly 7 weeks pregnant. Had lighter bleeding then my period.i had no pain having the abortion 1 weeks after the termination I felt sick and my stomach was unusually hard .So I went to hospital then did and ex/internal scan and told me that everything was fine. Everything passed through. I've been having unprotected sex. On the 11 may I had my first period after the abortion. Well on the 15th of may there was what I think was an embryo. Could that be from my abortion. Or could i have been pregnant again?. On the 12th of may I started the pill. use for (21 days) of for (7 days) could that have cause the embryo to come out? On the 16th of may I was at work and couldn't really breathe my chest tightened after taking the pill. Today I have been woken up by feeling sick, my stomache very very bloated and a gassey kind of feeling( what happened when I was pregnant) my stomach still hard and unsure as of what to do? I've been taking test all came back negative (before the embryo came out). Any advise.