Watermelons produce their nutrients even after they are picked, so a watermelon that was stored on room temperature for a few days is healthier and has more nutrients than freshly picked watermelon.
Although everyone enjoys eating cold watermelons, their healthy nutrients’ levels may be decreased after their refrigeration as chilling slows the process of nutrients production.

The study researchers looked at the levels of carotenoids, antioxidants that counter the damage caused by sun and chemicals and the levels of lycopene, an antioxidant that makes watermelons red and prevents heart disease and even some cancers.

They compared the nutrients of watermelons that were stored at 70, 55 and 41F. It turned out that the watermelons that were stored at the 70F, room temperature, had more nutrients than watermelons that were stored at 55 and 41F.

These watermelons that were stored at room temperature had 40% more lycopene and 50-139% more beta-carotene that freshly picked watermelons.

If your goal is to get healthy water nutrients instead of refresh yourself, make sure you leave your watermelon at the room temperature before serving.