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Hey, I have a question about blood glucose monitors and what everyone else is using?  There are so many at the drugstore to choose from.... how do you know which ones work better than others?  Some are pretty expensive but are they more accurate than?  I saw these tiny ones that are like about $10.  I would like to get that one but I don't know if it would be as accurate because it is cheap.  So does anyone know anything about it?  Which one should I get?  Oh, and are the test strips cheaper for one or are they about the same price?  Thanks for your help!


I think all the well-known brands work about the same. The most popular brands seem to be Accucheck, FreeStyle, OneTouch, and Bayer Contour and they average about $50-$70 a meter. Many of the monitors are fairly cheap... it's the test strips that are expensive.  They average $75 for 50 test strips or $55 for $100 depending on the brand.  I am certain all meters are fairly accurate by a few points, however, care needs to be taken with both meters and test strips.  You cannot expose test strips to adverse temperatures; keep them at room temperature. Keep the test strips in their original container with the lid shut tight.  You don't want them exposed to the environment.  The container is special-made so that the tests strips stay dry and keep their integrity.  If you remove them and put them in another container or bag, they may give a false reading.  Don't drop the meter on the floor; this could result in false readings as well if something internal gets messed up.  If you are uncertain about what brand to get, you can ask your pharmacist.  He or she may know from customers about which brand is best and offer you some advice on it.