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Im 22, and for as long as i can remember all the way back to primary school iv had this problem and its been getting worse as iv gotten older. it used to happen all the time but i learned to controll it and only do it when i was alone so people wouldnt laugh at me. it only happens now when i get excited or even just start thinking of something and i dont even know im doing it. from what im told i start jumping up and down and shaking my arms at my sides and my eyes move all over the room and my mouth opens and i make weird noises. And i dont kno im doing and i cant realy controll it. i catch myself some times and stop myself by trying to calm down. but most of the time the next thing i know im like snapping out of a day dream and i know iv been doing it because im out of breath because i dont breath and my heart is beating out of my chest. and its starting to scare me because the only reason im snapping out of it now is because it feels like im going to have a heart attack if i dont and its like my body is forgetting to breath. i find myself gasping for air some times. and i dont know what to do. and my body some times feels like i need to do it like something is telling me its ok just do it and i just slip into it and the next thing i know im slipping out of it. and it gets triggered by anything music movies even thinking about things. iv even cought myself doing it while i was driving! i dont know what to do or who to talk to. i just want to know if there is anyone else out there having the same problem? and knows what this is and can help me understand.

someone please help me,


hey Steven! My names Nick..and i was wondering if your condition is terrets? I looked up the conditions for terrets and basicly,it's uncontrolable movements in the body. Isn't that how you explained it? The only part that doesnt match up is that you said you don't even know your doing it! I'm probably wrong, but I'll keep looking in to it for you......hope all is well ..