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When it comes to unilateral facial numbness and weakness, there are a few causes that patients need to be aware of that could be causing their symptoms. In this investigation, I will present some of the most common causes that you need to be aware of only. 

There are numerous infections that can lead to unilateral facial paralysis and weakness. One of the first ones that come to mind would be Bell's palsy. This is an idiopathic condition that is believed to be caused by an earlier viral infection. The disease will manifest as a patient suddenly having paralysis on one side of their face. This will lead to facial drooping, problems with speech and numbness on one side of the mouth. It is something that will also have to resolve on its own with only limited medical therapies available. Symptoms can last up to 6 months in patients 

Another more sinister sign of unilateral throat paralysis would be from some type of complication following thoracic surgery. Any type of operation that occurs on the front of your neck needs to be done with care because of the abundance of important physiological structures that course that area. One of the frequent accidental injuries that can occur as the doctors dissect away tissues around the throat would be to mistakenly ligate the recurrent laryngeal nerve. This is a nerve that is hard to locate in most patients and even slightly touching it can lead to throat numbness and hoarseness. If the nerve was damaged fully, it may even be hard for patients to breath when they are engaging in vigorous exercise. 

On the same line of thinking, patients that also have masses growing in their thoracic cavity can have these types of symptoms. If you are suffering from thyroid cancer or have been diagnosed with a thymoma, there is a good chance that you will have masses growing in your thoracic cavity that can impinge the nerve if they grow too big. This will be something that requires surgery to correct the manifestation but doctors must still tread carefully to make sure they do not accidentally nick the same nerve. 

Another issue that many doctors overlook when trying to find underlying causes of this unilateral facial weakness could be from poor dentition. Dental care is something that people should never take for granted because this is a gateway for a number of potential infections into our oral cavity. If you do not make a habit out of regularly brushing your teeth, using dental floss and mouthwash, there could be bacteria that become lodged in your throat. Make sure you meet with your dentist annually to make sure you are taking adequate care of your teeth and that all cavities are under control. If not, not only could nerves been affected rooted in your jaw, but you could also have bacteria spread to your throat and cause more severe infections. 

There are a number of other conditions that are still possible but these are the most likely causes of what could be plaguing you. 

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