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Yeah I'm 16 years old. I dont think I have turrets but I have these weird bursts of excitment but I can control them. I yell like I'm really excited and stuff like that. But I don't do this in front of people, I let it out when I'm at home alone, like when my mom is at work.


I seriously think you do not have tourettes,

Your bursts of exitement are surges of hormones which happens to everyone at your age until you are 18 or 19 years of age.

If It was serious you wouldnt be able to control these bursts of exitment in front of people like you say you do,

also, sufferers of tourette Syndrome have multiple motor tics as well as at least one phonic tic, and these tics have to be present for more than a year until it is classified officially as Tourette's syndrome.

also, It is spelt "Tourette's", a Turret is a building. :-) hehe.

You shouldnt have to worry, so dont.


i've been blinking my eyes alot, and my friends think i am just joking, and i am getting in trouble for it.
i try as hard as i can to stop my eyes from blinking as much, but it doesnt help.
my mother is worried, but i just say i am fine.
aslo, in class, when i have a pencil i tend to squeeze that, fidget with it, and throw it around, but i am not trying to do it at all.

sometimes when i cough, i just keep coughing, but as fake coughs, not real ones.

my doctor states that since i was born early, i have different problems. i don't know what that is supposed to mean.

i am already having problems with controling my emotions. like when i get sad i cant just stop being sad. and when i am angry, i tend to make the matters worse. (it is hard to explain, because i am not a doctor )

My girlfriend has touretts, but i didnt know that until recently.
my friends brother had touretts with screaming stuff out and twithing.

i need help.
kids in my grade get teased with touretts, and i dont want to be.

like right now, when i am writing this, i can't stop blinking my eyes, which is causing me to mess up a lot. so i have to keep going back and fix it. and i keep moving my head. like i am saying ''no'' but there is nothing to say no about.


stop trying to diagnose yourself on the internet and see a doctor.

if you try and self-diagnose you will trick your mind into thinking you have a condition that you dont have.

if it is really troubling you, you'd log off this computer and get help.

when you become conscious of your blinking you can't stop doing it, same with when you become conscious of your breathing.

everybody fidgets. its normal. class is boring. we occupy ourselves with doodles and fidgets. normal.

everybody gets sad or angry. you're a teenager. its called hormones.

as I said, if you honestly think there is something wrong you ask your mom to take you to a doctor.


I have tourette's syndrome i know i do and i need to know if i can halt it's progression. I know it's uncureable, but can you at least stop it from getting worse??
I have:
motor tics
-i look at certain things with my eyes and focus on the middle part of them. (usually looking to my right -especially when i'm driving)
- looking at things consists of either A.) turning my head to face the middle of the object or B.) focusing my eyes on the object (not moving my head)

- i do everything from clench something with my fingers or press down on something with any part of my body
- pretty much anything that i become conscious of (i.e. a part of my body touching something) i find a way to react physically to that.

I somehow manage to adhere to these tic tendencies in an inconspcous way and so people attribute my slightly abnormal behavior to my personallity. but i'm a guy that;s in a fraternity in college and i'm over my head in this. ineed to know if there's a chance that someone can help me stablize this at least. I mean what about in the business world i could get fired for being a freak i could never marry for this i just want to knwo if theres a chance for some kind of improvement

please.. anyone. i need help. i hate this i can't take it i'm in over my head i want to be at least a little normal it's exausting to have to supress this all the time.


i have that same problem but people just say i am day dreaming but i know what that is and they are not the same. If you relieze that you are doing it try to overcome it maybe if you can figure out how to stop doing it it might not happen so much. When i start to stare at the center of something i used to stare at it without blinking for about an hour and a half but now i starre for 10 secounds then i close my eyes itts really hard but i ust concentrate on making my eyes close.


You are absolutely fine. Everybody experiences these sensations but does not act on them. The difference between someone with Tourettes and someone with it is very slight and probably you are just an excited teenager. Also, you do not have turrets unless you are on the Maginot line or something. A turret is a fixed gun emplacement.