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For the past like 2 months I've been randomly smelling this Awful smell.. sometimes its so bad i get nauseous and want to throw up and its always the same smell, but no one around me ever smells it and I ask my friends if i smell bad and I never do. AND. About a month ago I started randomly tasting what i smell.. like my mouth tastes like what i've been smelling.. idk if that makes sense..but it makes my want to throw up. and my friends say my breath doesn't smell bad and my boy friend says my mouth never tastes bad. sometimes i even taste it right after i brush my teeth. Do you have any idea what it is?
and I'm sure the smell isn't coming from my mouth. and my friends would defiantly tell me if i smelled bad, they arent the i dont want to hurt your feelings type.

please help


I have the same problem. I used to thought that I have a rotten tooth or something, but my dentist told me my teeth are just fine. It is quite embarrassing. My mother told me a few times that I have a bad breath... I have a nose discharge constantly, ever since I was born I believe. Doctors couldn't help me. My tonsils seemed fine too. Then I found some more information about the possible causes. Apparently, the discharge from your nose and sinuses is dripping down the back of the throat. There are a several reasons for this: allergic reaction to inhaling something, non allergic non infectious inflammation in the sinuses after a cold, and a chronic sinusitis. Inflammation in the sinuses can block sinus drainage. This can cause the mucus to collect in your nose and sinuses. Over time this collection of mucus can smell really bad. If the mucus is thick, you need to do a nasal wash to remove it from your nose and sinuses. So now I'm looking for these nasal wash techniques. I also found something called nasal steroid spray which decreases the inflammation in your nose and sinus and the mucus production. It keeps your sinuses draining better. I hope this will help us both.