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I'm 17 years old and I think I might be pregnant but am not 100% sure. You see, I have been with my boyfriend for a 9 months now we used protection since we become sexually active. He is in Canada now so I haven't seen him for about a month now. Last time we slept together was 4 weeks ago and during intercourse I got my period but he was wearing a condom at that time. when I went home I wear my pad as normal but the blood was a bit light then got normal afterwards I didn't worry so much at that time because my period is always light red then red then brown. After that my period last 7 days just like my normal timing. I should have got my period last week but I didn't, I'm getting my normal period symptoms like ( moodiness, tiredness, craving for sweet things, tiny sharp pains) BUT NO PERIOD. I'm also getting both watery discharge and thick white stretchy discharge not at the same time but they both come. But the other weird signs I'm getting is that I'm really hot at night and my ovaries hurt like the right side of my ovaries hurt. I researched the internet and I come across some things that might delate your period and one of them is stress, my family has been stressing me out and maybe thats way my period is late and the other one is having sex can also delate your period. But I also read this website about ovulation and somebody said if your ovulating then your not pregnant, and I think I am ovulating because I got all the symptoms of ovulating.I'm so confused!! HELP PLEASE


If you haven't had sex since your last period, the chance of you being pregnant is very, very low.  Even if you ovulate during your period, if he wore a condom at the time, the chance is still low.  If you are still worried, purchase a pregnancy test from your local drugstore and give it a shot.

It's possible you ovulate late in your cycle, as the thick white discharge is typically a sign of that.  Unfortunately, ovulation, menstrual, and pregnancy symptoms tend to mirror each other - incredibly frustrating, I know.

However, it could be something hormonal or of the like.  If your period continues to be late, I would talk to your OB/GYN.  They'll be able to properly diagnose and help you.

Stress can delay your period, especially when it delays ovulation.  It definitely can be a factor.

Recently I went through those symptoms and a late period, but kept getting negative tests.  I was sexually active and we were trying to conceive; however it turned out to be an ovarian cyst.  I very quickly learned how many things mirror pregnancy symptoms.

My recommendation would be to try a pregnancy test, and depending on the results, wait and see what happens or go to the OB/GYN.  Best of luck to you.