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I have never ever had her period and if a guy precum goes on my vaginal opening can I be pregnant. No intercourse no edjactualtion. Just precum on my vagina opening can I  be pregnant??


Dear J

Two things are needed before pregnancy can occur.

  1. A released egg (ovulation)
  2. Sperm entering the vagina and reaching the released egg in the fallopian tubes.


  1. If by "I have never ever had her period" you mean "I have never ever had a period" (primary amenorrhea) then it could well be that you are not ovulating, and this condition should receive medical attention. However, unless you know the underlying condition, it is possible you might start ovulating, and this could lead to periods starting. If you don't ovulate you won't get pregnant. There is not egg to fertilise.
  2. If by "I have never ever had her period" you mean "I have not yet had a period because I have not started puberty", then there is a good chance you may start ovulating soon.
  3. A released egg is only viable for a day or so, so the opportunity for fertilisation is limited. You don't give details of when this happened.


"if a guy precum goes on my vaginal opening"

  1. Pre-cum can for some men always contain sperm; for others, never
  2. Residual semen from a previous ejaculation can mix with pre-cum
  3. Vaginal secretions can facilitate motile sperm swim into the vagina
  4. Sperm can live in a woman's body for 5 or 6 days

I hope this helps