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This may be a little TMI but I feel it may help others help me understand what wrong: dec/21 as usual I came on my cycle by Jan/9 I was on again (2weeks) I'm usually a 30 day-cycled. By the time of me expecting my usual period(1/21) I got spotting only for maybe a hr .... I have had pregnancy symptoms the whole month of Jan. but a neg HPT. By 2/5 I'm on again but I'm not due to come on 2/9.... I'm very confused I'm trying to conceive but my I'm scared it may be more to it. I'm 21, my husband and I are very confused not even a doctor could explain what's wrong. I have ALL pregnancy symptoms. PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm all out of options and possible answers!!!!!


Dear BeeBee

There is not TMI! you need to give explicit details if you want real help. Where are you from?

I am not a doctor, but it could be that you are not ovulating.

Normally, with a 30 day cycle oestrogen is produced in the first 16 cycle days and then ovulation occurs. This causes the ovaries to produce progesterone for approximately another 14 days. If pregnancy does not occur, the level of progesterone decreases and your period arrives. In your case, it may be that you have not been ovulating in the last couple of months, so there is no production of progesterone to maintain the cycle. The level of falling oestrogen is then causing you to get your period after 14 days.

I suggest keeping a record of your basal temperature (first thing in the morning before you get up and do anything) and see whether there is any 'ovulation' temperature spike. In the meantime, have sex every three days.

I think you should be thoroughly examained and have investigations like ultrasonogram and blood tests for the levels of oestrogen, progesterone, LH and FSH hormones as well as thyroid hormone carried out. But you may have to persuade your doctor or OB/GYN.

I hope this helps as a start.